What? We bought a cottage on Lake Michigan? Now what!!?

 So, we bought a cottage… (You can read all about our Cottage and our decision to buy it on my other blog!)

Now that we have THE CUTEST COTTAGE EVER – for sure Cutest on Lake Michigan – what would we do with it?

And this was our plan: We love the Cottage! We love the location! We can’t be there every single second… let’s share it!

So, we decided it was to be a vacation rental.   That way, not only could we share the Inherited recreation area for kidsCottage with others, but we also could schedule time there, whenever we chose!

The people who owned it before us also rented it out to vacationers, and we acquired it fully furnished, including dishes, games, and toys.

We immediately were inspired and came up with brilliant ideas for updating the cottage!  Just some personal choices – not too many real necessities.

It had/has a fully equipped, modern kitchen and the most comfortable beds! but our ideas included:

  • Let’s put in an outdoor shower
  • Let’s make a playroom and TV viewing area for kids/teenagersThe old dishes
  • Let’s rbeplace the awful plates! (My idea) (Well, they were good quality and a full matching set, and would be perfect for … somewhere… not the serenity of this particular Cottage)
  • Let’s install a fireplace or comfort stove in the living room and make it a cozy winter place to come
  • Let’s change the railing
  • Etc. Etc.

So, we bought the Cottage in December, named it “LakeShore Haven”, and, by January, were ready to make some of the necessary changes.

Now, if you happened to follow the link to the other blog I already wrote about this, you will already understand that we (four friends who have been friends for…let’s just say “decades”) bought LakeShore Haven together – two of us live about a 3 1/2 day drive away, Cozy Cottageand two of us live about 45 minutes away.  (I am one of the two that live 3 1/2 days away.)

So, we flew out to Michigan in January, and the 4 of us stayed at the Cottage for an extended weekend, and we did some “caution” updates – secured a loose board on the stair, took out a board that was randomly hanging loosely (in fact, that entire wall (not load-bearing 😀 ) came out), set up the playroom area for the kids, organized toys, went through the bookshelf, and relaxed, making future plans and enjoying the coziness of the Cottage in winter.

Since then, Richard and Shannan (the other couple) & family have gone and stayed there off and on, which is not only good for just general “being there”, but their experiences have made helped identify ways we can make the Cottage even more comfortable.  And, we have made a series of trips out there too! (Who ever thought I’d go to Michigan 5 times in one year!)Dog Friendly

We have bicycles, toys, and games. We provide all the towels & linens.  You can bring your dog (there is a very reasonable additional fee for that). It’s only about 3 minutes to the beach.

LakeShore Haven is just a few minutes to my favorite winery in the region.  There are orchards and berry farms.  A farmer’s market with fresh vegetables & fruit is only 3 or so minutes away (by car).

It’s central to Saugatuck, Douglas, Fennville & South Haven.

We have the Cottage listed at www.vrbo.com/511943 and www.flipkey.com/688046.

Our backyard firepitSummer has come and we are in the thick of it! I am happy (let’s just be honest – “ecstatic and secretly relieved) that the Cottage has been booked for the entire summer! and we have had the most lovely guests (also a huge relief) who have loved it there as much as we do! We have been very happy with our first “high-season”.   (It’s very cozy, have I mentioned? in the winter too, and we do have “low-season” rates…!)

Since we bought it, I have had the idea to keep a journal-of-sorts about the changes we’ve made (and will make) and the experiences we’ve had (and will have).  And, I toyed with the idea of a blog and whether that is the best media for it or not…

And, then, I was having a conversation with the wonderful person who is our housekeeper,Crane's Bakery and she mentioned that she had gone out to lunch in the area, and loved the restaurant so much, she brought  back a menu  for our guests, and made notes in the margins with her suggestions.

We decided to write this blog together – random updates from me, about our ideas and plans for LakeShore Haven, and the follow through; random updates from Shannan about her family’s experiences staying there and exploring the area; random updates from Kate about local restaurants and venues.

It’ll be fun! I’m looking forward to it

Stay tuned…


About lakeshorehaven

We love the area of Western Michigan, along the Lake, and we love our Cottage, and we want to share it!
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